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Hi, i am Rajat Gupta, from New Delhi, India and as you can see that i have been a digital marketer for the past 19 years now. But now since year 2013 i have reduced the number of clients,and stopped taking new projects, I am a full time amazon affiliate trainer and marketer.

If you learn this system properly, trust me you will either become a part time or full time super affiliate with this training.

Amazon Affiliate Trainer


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‘Learn Amazon Affiliate Marketing’

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Learn Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Easily Build Unlimited Amazon Affiliate Niche Websites E Stores, No Coding or Skills Required!

  • By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To Create Your Own Niche Based Amazon Affiliates Websites Estores.
  • How to Select The Most Profitable Niche for Your Amazon Store.
  • Buy A Domain Name Along With Website Hosting On Go Daddy.
  • How To Choose The Correct Theme For Your E-Store.
Learn Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training In Hindi India 2019


  • Register a domain name and Buy Website Hosting
  • You’ll need a premium WordPress theme
  • Plugin to Automatically Import Products
  • WordPress theme that supports the free WooCommerce plugin
  • Interested in earning with the Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Interested in running an eCommerce business part time or full time
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Learn Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training In Hindi India 2019 In this step-by-step course you will learn how to build a profitable Amazon Affiliate E-commerce store that you can setup in just 1 hour!

These stores are very quick and easy to create and set up, and you will be able to create stores in less than 59 minutes, as I do – watch the intro video where I show you how beautiful these stores look and give a premium look just like an ecommerce store. I will guide you for every step and help you build your store as you follow along with the videos in this course.

Learn Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training In Hindi India 2019


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    Part Time / Full Time

    Students, who wish to learn part time, without developing any websites.

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    E Commerce Business Owners

    E commerce business owners who want to expand their business via amazon affiliate networks.

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    Professionals & Freelancers

    Professionals who wish to use amazon affiliates network to open opportunities via monthly income. Freelancers who wish to use this system full time, like we do.