January 29, 2021

Turn Laptop Gaming Laptop USA 2021

Topic : Turn Laptop Gaming Laptop USA 2021

Turn Laptop Gaming Laptop USA 2021

Turn Laptop Gaming Laptop USA 2021

Most gamers would prefer a PC over a laptop since many laptops have processors that can’t handle gaming programs without lagging or simply not running the game at all. Though it is still possible and easy to convert a laptop into a gaming console, how is it done efficiently?

Improve Gaming Performance

There are a few methods to evolve a good quality laptop into a gaming one but barely any to convert a gaming laptop to desktop computers since not many people require this process. A few ways the gaming performance of your laptop can be improved by being…

  • Always keep the laptop free of collecting dust and so ensure that it is clean at all times. (not just the vents of the laptop but also the keyboard since it is where food and gunk collects the most)
  • Update your laptop’s driver on a regular and don’t be stingy with that.
  • The latest and best version of DirectX should be installed on the laptop because it helps increase and keep checking the graphics in a game.
  • The graphic card should be overclocked, but this isn’t to be done by a beginner since it leads to using too much power of the laptop and the graphic card, which causes overheating of the laptop. It is important to do this with laptops that have an inbuilt cooling system.
  • Activation of the Windows 10 Game Mode should take place since this feature allows screen recording and streaming to occur easily.
  • Always keep background Apps closed to increase the speed of the laptop and keep the game working smoothly.

Laptop Becomes a Gaming Beast (eGPU)

A program called Shadow Cloud Server can be used to convert the laptop into a gaming PC; all you have to do is just install the program. Shadow runs like an external program that allows gaming to occur and also lets you browse the web normally through it. Although it works well with single-player games, it isn’t the best program for multiplayer games such as APEX LEGENDS since some input lag occurs. This is where an eGPU would appear more beneficial than the Shadow.

  • Benefits of an eGPU – It has an overall high connection speed, and it has an external graphics card that is enclosed in a box that supplies power to the card and has an inbuilt fan to keep things from heating up. Even a MacBook can become a good gaming laptop once the eGPU is set up.
  • Research – Before a person even buys the eGPU, a lot of research needs to take place to see if the laptop they want to buy the eGPU can handle the setup or not.
  • Price – An affordable and high-quality eGPU is the Core X by Razer at about $300 and easily found on amazon.

So How Much Does It Cost For A Gaming PC?

Games are very heavy programs. They require additional memory and processor performance. Moreover, the graphics card for a gaming PC is also amplified, so all the characters and scenes in the game appear clearer and brighter.

Regular computers and laptops do not have the capacity and are not equipped with the hardware that can support the gaming experience to the fullest. Therefore, if you want to enjoy gaming to the fullest, it is best that you invest in a gaming PC.


A laptop needs additional setups and programs like the eGPU to be installed for it to be turned into a gaming laptop and this can be slightly costly at times but worth it especially for people who are new to gaming.

Are you a gaming enthusiast who is sick of their slow and unresponsive laptop? Do you want to enjoy gaming to the fullest without having to spend a huge sum of money on getting a gaming laptop?

Games are heavier as compared to other programs. Therefore, they require additional storage and a responsive laptop to load properly. Moreover, there is no point for anyone to get into gaming if they cannot enjoy the game graphics to the fullest.

This is where gaming laptops come in. They have a better memory and amplified graphics. These features are specifically designed for gamers and support gaming to the fullest.

But if you upgrade these two features to any laptop, it can also be used for gaming.

The first thing that you need to upgrade in the laptop is the SSD. An SSD is a backbone for any gaming laptop as it ensures that the game loads quickly and can run smoothly without causing the computer to lag or hang.

You will find plenty of SSDs in the market, both new as well, as used. Although a second-hand SSD may work fine, it is still recommended that you invest in a new one. Depending on the build of your laptop, you may also require the mount to be able to fit the SSD in place.

The second element that has to be upgraded is the graphics card or the GPU. You will not be able to make use of a very powerful GPU with your laptop because that would lead to hardware related complexities. But, you can surely amp up the graphics by opting for a better GPU.

There is a lot of variety in the market, and you will find a handful of GPU options to choose from. But take into account factors like the space on the motherboard and the laptop’s PSU while picking the upgrade GPU.

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